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AgoraX has been a long time in the works. We are still working on this and can't wait to share some exciting updates.

AgoraX is our labor of love, a project that has been brewing behind the scenes for quite some time. We're aware of the curiosity and anticipation surrounding it - and for good reason. The journey through 2023 was fraught with both personal and professional challenges for us. As a dedicated but small team of three, it's important to remember that AgoraX is a passion project we're balancing alongside full-time jobs and academic commitments.

Our commitment to AgoraX is driven by a vision and a standard of quality we're not willing to compromise on. Achieving this level of excellence is something we believe is essential before sharing our work with the community. This dedication to quality means that the development of AgoraX requires time and patience. Given the recent developments in the Minecraft community, we've chosen to keep specific details under wraps until we're ready for the grand reveal.

We're excited about the potential impact of AgoraX. We're not just aiming to surprise the community; we're looking to revolutionize aspects of it, challenging the status quo and addressing the pressing issues faced by the Free Addon Community. Our focus has always been on building something meaningful for the community.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. Your patience is not just appreciated; it's a crucial part of this journey. Stay tuned – we're eager to unveil AgoraX when the time is right and make a significant splash.

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